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Elimae for October

There is a new issue of Elimae up for October, and it is pretty huge and sexy.

It has work from people I know like Stacy Kidd, Kim Chinquee, Angela Woodward, Brandon Gorrell, Mike Topp, Forrest Roth, Kyle Minor, Brian Beatty (no mean week posts yet on Beatty, for or against, I need to make some assignments?), Sean Patrick Hill, Ravi Mangla, Ben Segal, J.A. Tyler (aka the exploder, how does he do it?), Noah Falck, and Jamie Iredell (Atlanta represent).

There are also a lot of others I don’t recognize the names of, which is great.

I like how elimae’s size varies each month depending on how much stuff Cooper got that he liked. There is no size limitations, the issue does not ‘fill up’ and there’s no ‘good work gets turned down.’

Elimae is a role model like my dad except I think Elimae sometimes smokes pot, and it probably goes with hookers.

Elimae is a great example of minimalist design making the language look really good, there is just something clean about it, despite the hookers.

Read em up.

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October 15th, 2008 / 2:18 pm