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From The Lives of the Saints by Richard P. McBrien (which, wierdly, I cannot find a link to anywhere online, so here’s a link to some other Saint stuff):

Juliana, virgin and martyr  (note: Saint day is February 16 and excerpt links to a video)

 Juliana (d. ca. 305) was an early-fourth-century martyr who probably died at Naples or at Cumae, which is near Naples, during the persecution of the emperor Maximian. Pope Gregory the Great (590-604) (September 3) requested her relics from the Bishop of Naples for an oratory built in her honor. The principal, though legendary, episode associated with her life is the lengthy argument she supposedly had with the Devil, who tried to persuade her to obey her pagan father and to marry a Roman prefect. Condemned to death, she was beheaded after a furnace and boiling oil did no harm to her. There is evidence of her cult in England at least as early as the seventh century, because she appears in the Martyrology of Bede (May 25). Her feast is not on the General Roman Calendar.


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April 10th, 2009 / 1:10 pm