Great Head

Martha Stewart’s Oral History

martha-500x942.jpgCourtesy of Bike Snob NYC, in an article in Martha Stewart’s Living about Maine’s Acadia National Park, the eponymous woman was quoted saying “Great Head takes about an hour and a half to complete.” She was referring to the trail Great Head, but what both concerns and elates me is how none of the editors caught it.


Or maybe the editors did catch it, taking extreme liberty in interpreting the trail path. It seemed too good to be true, and I just had to Google map the actual “Great Head” trail to see if it was indeed cock n’ ball shaped. It kinda is, though my bets are on the graphic topographer who took an opportunity to render the path more suggestively. Perhaps a shafted disgruntled employee? (See related Little Mermaid Phallus.) A forever fiend of choad? Or maybe just a guy with a sense of humor.

Google map version

Google map version

Speaking of guys with a sense of humor, I think God himself always has the last laugh. And for an atheist, that’s a huge compliment. In the photo essay, we see Martha and Co. walking around, walking around, smiling for the camera — until that one photo where there in the distance — wtf are those balls? I’ve been saying a post-Nietzschean¬†“Gay is gay” since circa 1987 people. Someone call me prophetic.


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July 31st, 2009 / 12:18 am