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Miró Killer Joke Peaks Open Low

1. At Burnaway, an Atlanta arts blog, I’m curating a new column of “writers on art,” which today features Heather Christle on Joan Miró: “I wanted secrets, and I wanted to laugh, so I snipped letters from my head and sorted them by shapes: those which slant, those which curve, those which face left or face right.”

2. At Thought Catalog, Christian Lorentzen writes a long screed for the nonexistence of hipsters, with reasoning including that our generation has never had a good serial killer.

3. At The New York Times, Joshua Cohen turns in a take down on the brand new 1,000 page book from McSweeney’s, Adam Levin’s The Instructions, calling it “a very long joke.” Other readers: yay, nay?

4. At Montevidayo, Johannes Göransson writes about the “ambient violence” of Twin Peaks.

5. Submissions to New York Tyrant are now open.

6. I forgot about this great old music video from Low:

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November 8th, 2010 / 12:45 pm