John Holmes

John Holmes on Writing

“A happy gardener is one with dirty fingernails, and a happy cook is a fat cook. I never get tired of what I do because I’m a sex fiend. I’m very lusty.”

“Sometimes you get a girl to work with who is gorgeous and with a fantastic body. That makes it all much easier. But I can concentrate on just one aspect of a girl if she doesn’t sexually appeal to me. I can concentrate on the color of her nipple or something like that and it gives me the necessary mental focus.”

“Friends will get you killed.”

‘I’ve never found a girl who could not take it. It’s really in the way you do it, though. I’ve had some women say they’ve had guys half my size who couldn’t get it in. The problem is that most guys don’t know how to read a lady and what she really wants. With some, you have to be gentle and romantic and with others you just have to get down and dirty. The secret is you have to get in touch with what they want.”

“I don`t always hide in the bathroom, sometimes I hide other places. It`s just that the bathroom is usually the only room with a lock on the door.”

“I don’t take drugs. Drugs take me.”

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July 17th, 2010 / 7:26 pm