Kate Greenstreet

Lame House Press new release

Last week, Lame House Press officially released Kate Greenstreet’s chapbook This is Why I Hurt You. I got my copy last week and it’s a good looking piece. The writing is killer. Lame House mastermind Gina Myers, a fellow Saginaw native who earned her MFA from The New School, consistently publishes interesting and intelligent chapbooks (each copy of which she handcrafts, of course). Lame House is grouped in my mind with other independent presses like Greying Ghost and Publishing Genius, each publishing high quality chapbooks at ridiculously reasonable prices.

Chapbooks have been around forever (apparently Neanderthal Man’s hunched back is due to carrying around so many stone chapbooks ), but the chapbook has become a sort of art object in itself. Yes, the writing is excellent, of course, but the chaps themselves feel like something more than string, paper, and staples, thanks to the ambitious work of the many indie presses like Lame House, Greying Ghost, Publishing Genius, et al. Nice work, everyone.

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October 3rd, 2008 / 5:50 pm