Mecury Retrograde


(It’s very common in horses.)

Refusal –

I was going to write Resistance / Resistance, but then I thought, No, every refusal has a fuse in it. A charge in the middle of every one of its bodies.


(In a room with a Berryman forehead overlooking it)

A figure is questioned. This is the third time the figure has exhibited a writing like this, that goes on like this, that exhausts many of the other figures in the room with a Berryman forehead overlooking it. Is it sustainable? Is it excessive?

One of the other figures is questioned. What was it like, reading the writing the figure has exhibited? It was an experience, the other figure replies.

A figure is questioned. How many more experiences will they have to go through? Is it productive?

The figure replies. The figure wants to figure a female trickster, to re-figure a deflated Baubo (the original dry nurse we know from Romeo & Juliet, night demon, goddess, servant, bearded lady) for the crowded that has gathered.

This is the figure of Baubo.


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October 21st, 2013 / 2:20 pm