Lassoing Up Tuesday

James Yeh interviews Diane Williams at The Faster Times.

At The Rumpus, Elissa Bassist wonders, have I earned these cliches?

In a belated look at the NYTBR, the great Harold Bloom reviews a book about the history of anti-Semitism in English literature, Adam Kirsch looks at two books about Heidegger, and Rebecca  Newberger Goldstein writes a satire on Theory, in the style of Borges.

io9 rounds up 35 titles for “The Essential Posthuman Science Fiction Reading List.”

The Nation has a new website! Learn about what’s different here, and about their decision to open source here. Kudos and congrats, guys!

Speaking of new websites, n+1 has one, too. The present feature is new fiction by Dy Tran “about” donuts.

A new issue of the Home Video Review of Books!

And last but absolutely not least, the new issue of Propeller features an interview with Kevin Sampsell, one with yours truly, a review of the latest Nicholson Baker, and a whole bunch of other treats besides. Check it out.

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May 11th, 2010 / 9:23 am