elimae’s tits

Without Google, it would be impossible to bring Boob Friday and Indie Lit—two rather arbitrary associations—together, which is what I’ve done.

If one were to google “tits elimae,” one would find this and this. (Incidentally, Blake’s blog is the third domain result.)

This first one, Untitled by Aaron Winslow, concerns saying pick-up lines under the influence. It’s a gem: funny, unexpected, and a little sad:

last nite i had a dream that i was all liquored up and i was walking around this bar saying things to women like, “is your father a thief? ‘cuz i’d like to jizz all over your tits.” and “do you wash your clothes in windex? ‘cuz i want to put my thumb up your ass.” and then i would laugh and laugh. and the best part was that the ladies thought it was funny too. those are the only two that i remember, but i think i said a bunch of them.

The second one, Military Courtesan by Mark Yakich, is a strange poem I do not understand. I only know it fills me up with experiences that feel lived, which is why I think I read:

In the world of small arms,
She offers a pair of tits. And you
Put them on like epaulets.

She offers milk with vodka.

She offers you Eve without
Ivy, and a red in tender
That doesn’t mean raw.

I chose elimae for two reasons: 1) they are one of my favorite journals, and 2) I knew the pieces wouldn’t be too long.

Speaking of things not being too long, everyday is Dick Friday for me.

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October 17th, 2008 / 5:33 pm