sein und zeit

i really super-like MARTIN HEIDEGGER a lot

the book BEING AND TIME (SEIN UND ZEIT) is the most important book i have read.  i feel confident saying that because i have thought “this is the most important book i have read” numerous times in the past and it keeps happening.  i am pleased even when i just pass by the book in my room, and look at it.  it is the only book of philosophy, along with the TRACTATUS, that i felt an immediate change in my life, not just like, “i am somewhat impressed by this” but a condition in which i keep thinking about the application of the book to basically everything that happens to me.  when i think about the chapter that discusses something called the THEY-SELF, i feel terrified. sometimes i just look at the name MARTIN HEIDEGGER and start singing the theme song from MARTIN (the television show with MARTIN LAWRENCE), but i picture MARTIN HEIDEGGER walking into a room with a laughing audience.  


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December 14th, 2008 / 1:59 am