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“Every fire door stays / closed until fire becomes / the mission”

Not only are we getting our facts about fire doors, but we’re also finding out that Fern City is shaped like a fish bone, finding everywhere a pinhole of light, finding that a shimmer on fingertips is not fireflies (but War is like Go), finding that you are the kind of grasshopper I need strapped to my back, that all my follywise runts are on the rope, and that all of Paris is wearing itchy periwigs. So where do we find all this? In the new issue of So and So Magazine, featuring Michael Carr, Feng Sun Chen, Elisa Gabbert, Lily Ladewig, Guillermo Parra, Nicole Mauro, and Nate Pritts. Check it out.

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June 7th, 2010 / 2:18 pm