Spooky Boyfriend

Nicole Steinberg’s Spooky Boyfriend

Here is a poem I enjoyed a lot. If you click the poem’s title you will find more poems to enjoy by this enjoyable author. After you do that, you can click around the website and find other enjoyable authors. Perfect system, am I right?

Getting Lucky in June

Long Island has a certain sinister allure.
My best friend and I went to the mall
for vitamin face-lifts and scrambled egg
whites: she, an adorable, Japanese club-kid
and me, a ladylike wiseguy. We met a playful trio
of beachy-nudes in nurse shoes, heavy-handed
with the blush—like, too much pink. The rich
are different from you and me. My ultimate
statementy item would be a slick Snoopy
timepiece or old-school ylang-ylang. I can’t
see myself eating face cream at a Hollywood
power breakfast. I’m happy being my husband’s
utilitarian pin-up girl, subversive little hotcake;
sweet gypsy thrown round his neck, barely there.

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November 17th, 2009 / 1:01 pm