Controversy at Helix!!!!! And the Invention of Transcriptase!

I'm singing "Controversy" right now in my kitchen.

I found out about this controversy just today even though it happened a while ago. I thought I would share it. It happened at Helix, an online speculative fiction magazine. One of the editors refered to Muslims as “sheet heads” and he said some other really fucked up stuff. People asked to take down their work. Chaos ensued. If you like to stare at a train wreck, click here and read all about it! I stared enough today. I will say this- it makes me feel better about being a stupid asshole  and half crazy sometimes (see comment section in previous post), because now I know that someone else is fifty million times stupider and assholier and full on crazier than me! Like how I sometimes go– well, at least I didn’t murder anyone–after a bad night of drinking. Also, I read some of the stuff on it and it was fun. I like a bit of genre in my life from time to time.

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February 26th, 2009 / 6:08 pm