Trey Conatser

5 creature mouths or moths dripping

5. A class reading list, to be good, really needs to elicit only one thought from the student (s): I didn’t even know you could write this way. I mean to say the list should liberate.

14. New Diagram. It smells crunchy and tastes like running past goats.

3. Godin is coming out of retirement so watch your face.

99. When people are crimped in one of the various poetry scams, is it best to tell them or best to let them purchase a framed copy/recording/anthology/conference fee? Do scams have validating aspects? I used to tell people. I now let them fall into the web because I feel the web is pretty harmless (no one is actually eaten) and they usually struggle their little selves out eventually and maybe realize spiders will poison and mummify self-esteem, naivete, and cash.

1. Opinion: People just don’t get Krazy Kat.

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August 30th, 2010 / 9:34 am