October 15th, 2010 / 1:05 pm
Web Hype

The PANK Queer Issue

I am loathe to promote a project I am directly involved in BUT this is a special issue that I hope you’re going to want to read. Guest editor Tim Jones-Yelvington has assembled a really interesting collection of queer writing that is really interesting and challenging and I hope you all can take a minute or two to check it out. In his introduction, Tim writes, “Queer picks at “normal” like a scab, then eats it. Queer negates labels or else queer embraces many labels. Queer asks what the fuck is a label anyway.” I think that speaks quite well to the writing you will find.

The PANK Queer Issue includes work from: Crystal Boson, Mike Buffalo, Doug Paul Case, Elaine Castillo, Abhishek Chaudhary, Dennis Cooper, Sarah Einstein, Ben Engel, Holly Jensen, Adam Jest, Tim Jones-Yelvington, M. Kitchell, Rickey Laurentiis, Paul Lomax, Dennis Mahagin, Robert McDonald, Christopher Phelps, Sofia Rhei transl. by Lawrence Schimel, Maureen Seaton, Kevin Simmonds, Rachel Swirsky, Simon Sylvester, Andrew Tibbetts, Julie Marie Wade, Robert Warwick, Robert Alan Wendeborn, and B.G. Will.

Feel free to let us know what you think.


  1. stephen

      i’ve been enjoying it so far, roxane, tim. i’ve read and appreciated the mike buffalo, of course the wonderful brandon will, and mike kitchell. and i thought your intro was very well-written and insightful, tim.

  2. Amber

      This looks so terrific. Can’t wait to dig in this weekend.

  3. herocious

      Just curious: Why are you loathe to toot your own horn, Roxane. Is this a disclaimer, or is it sincere. It there some unspoken etiquette involved?

  4. gene

      roxane, you shouldn’t be loathe to promote anything pank does. pank is dope. be proud of that shit.

  5. Roxane

      Well I just try not to use this platform for self promotion is all. It is sincere.

  6. herocious

      second that.

  7. Janey Smith

      I’m reading PANK: The Queer Issue and I can’t get the Beastie Boys’ “Jimmy James” song out of my head–cause PANK’s rockin’.

  8. Dawn.

      Fabulous. :)

  9. Tom k