September 6th, 2012 / 10:34 am
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11 foducts 4 the lamily

1. Hobart 2.0, wow, with new web features, etc.

2. Diagram 12.4 is OUT!

3. Joshua Cohen:

The repetitions are, in my mind, linked to the idea that the Internet is conceptually vast, but you end up spending the bulk of your time visiting the same sites again and again (or perhaps this is just my own practice). I’m not especially interested in the variety of the Internet; rather I’m interested in the human experience of the promise of variety, a promise fulfilled only by a similarity or sameness, and the idea that the computer seems to license every option of virtuality, while our own humanity seems limited, or to self-limit, through laziness or shame, to the same thing every day.

7. Disorientation, a reading list, at The Millions:

11. My writing tip of the day: It isn’t done when you think it is done.

5. My Grading Scale for the Fall Semester, Composed Entirely of Samuel Beckett Quotes. (By Matt Bell)

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