December 9th, 2008 / 10:14 am
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2 Huge Newses from Small Anchor Press: SALE on Books You Can Buy; And the Release of Another Book Which You CAN ONLY FIND IN THE WILD


Because we need literature in this recession

Dear Patrons,

Now through the end of the year all Small Anchor chapbooks are $5.00 (plus $2 s/h per book) and free shipping on purchases over $20.  Sale titles include:

Close to Home by Joshua Furst
Start Here by Betsy Wheeler
The Viral Lease by Mathias Svalina
X^2/Y=0, but Potential Energy Still Remains by Jake Severn

Two Tribal Stories by Joshua Cohen
Olivas Road EP (songs by V.C. Massimo)

*Sale does not include Mike Heppner’s Talking Man

For Immediate Release

Mike Heppner and Small Anchor Press announce Man, the third in a groundbreaking series of four novellas by Mike Heppner released in multiple formats in 2008 and 2009.

Man cannot be purchased anywhere, nor can it be read on-line. Instead, five hundred copies have been left in random locations across the country. Readers will be asked to read the novella and send an email through, telling about themselves, where they found Man, and what they thought of it, even if they didn’t like it. These comments will then be posted on

Go to to see a PDF of the note included with each copy of Man.

The four novellas in the Man Talking series are Talking Man, Man, Man Talking, and Talking.

Man Talking can be read for free and in its entirety at It has received nearly three thousand hits since being posted in April 2008.

Talking Man can be purchased exclusively from Small Anchor Press, a New York based independent press specializing in limited editions of finely crafted, handmade books. A first edition, published in September 2008, has nearly sold out, and a second edition is planned.

Talking will be released in early 2009.

copy of Man left at CRUNCH gym in West Hollywood, CA.

copy of Man left at CRUNCH gym in West Hollywood, CA.

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