In Memoriam Blake Butler (1979-2009)

Posted by @ 4:29 pm on November 10th, 2009
on the train... receding, receding, receding....  (sniff, sniff)

on the train... receding, receding, receding.... (sniff, sniff)

Yes, sadly, Blake Butler passed away last night. The omnipresent electronic friend-of-everyone expired in an insomnia-induced rage of language and, like the Monty Python parrot in that famous sketch, is now an ex-Blake.

No more, alas, will schoolboy-grinning Blake Butler apocalypse creation in every sentence. No, strike that! In every phrase! No, strike that! In every syllable.

Make room now O Pantheon of young ones ripped from us far too early. Jesus, move over. Joan of Arc, a little to the left. Catullus, get your cock out of JFK’s ass. And give Blake some space. (and Seth, quit gawking).

And, Mr. Chicago pastry-delicacy chef get your ass in gear (so safe on earth) and start on something. Seth was a swan– what will you make of Blake? A peanut butter rabbit? A marshmallow weasel? A treacle beagle? woof-woof!

And just thinking now of Man’s Best-Friend I am bawling. Bawling, bawling, bawling.

What internet void has our great leader Blake Butler left? What cold and massive black hole of rubbish will form around his e-grave?

And, no, Blake Butler is not dead. This is a fake obit.

And I’d like to see more actually. Bring them on.

Greener (and sweeter) pastures now

Greener (and sweeter) pastures now-- bawl, bawl, bawl,.....