May 23rd, 2012 / 4:35 pm
Author News

Teaser Trailer for You Private Person by Richard Chiem

Directed by Meggie Green
Words by Richard Chiem
Music by Kale Ogle

YOU PRIVATE PERSON, Chiem’s first collection of short stories, is forthcoming from Scrambler Books (2012).


  1. Shannon

      I really like this trailer. 

  2. DJ Berndt

      I can’t wait for this book, it’s going to be so good.

  3. Richard Chiem

      thank you for posting, Christopher 

  4. Stephen Tully Dierks

      looking forward to this, and great trailer

  5. Matthew Simmons

      So very very excited!

  6. Anonymous

      Awesome, Richard!

  7. Bobby Dixon

      This looks really great. 

      And I’m really glad there have been more book trailers around lately. It makes getting my friends interested in reading some great books a little easier. 

  8. elizabeth ellen

      beautiful, richard/meggie. 

  9. Marcus Speh

      Gorgeous trailer. I want someone to make such a trailer for my collection. I’d give up my collection of 19th century photos of Tunisian tapestries for this.