July 3rd, 2009 / 4:31 pm
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Frederick Seidel Redux: In Which We Attend to Some Cart-Before-Horse Issues We Were Having

So the other day I linked to Ange Mlinko’s Seidel piece at The Nation website, where she comes down pretty hard on Frederick Seidel, as well as a number of critics who have praised him. It was just a snippet link, because I don’t know the first thing about Seidel or his work, but I thought her piece was interesting in its own right, and so I passed it along. Since then, I’ve been reminded that the best solution for un-acquaintance with a subject is acquaintance, and so here then are several Seidel-related links for your weekend-

Seidel’s author page at Macmillan is loaded with audio.

“Hell on Wheels” by Christian Lorenzten; this was one of the reviews with which Mlinko took issue.

Frederick Seidel poems at Harper’s (you have to be a subscriber to view these)

David Orr reviews Seidel’s Poems, 1959-2009

“Poem by the Bridge at Ten-Shin” by Frederick Seidel


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