October 10th, 2012 / 10:46 pm
Author Spotlight & I Like __ A Lot

Have you read xTx?

So, I’m late to her work.

I kept meaning to give it a try, to check it out, to purchase her book Normally Special from Roxane’s cool-looking micro press Tiny Hardcore, to pay attention to her blog, to order her chapbook He Is Talking To The Fat Lady, but I got behind and I dropped the ball.

And then Dennis Cooper mentioned reading (and loving) her forthcoming Nephew imprint Billie the Bull, which caught my eye.  So I decided to listen to the new Death Grips album while motoring around cyberspace checking out her work.

In the process I came across this e-book called Nobody Trusts A Black Magician. Holy heaven.  It’s mesmerizing, sinister, passionate, potent, over-the-top, excessive, relentless, indecent, reckless, and utterly amazing.  You can also listen to her read it, which adds a level of awesome.  I paused Death Grips to listen to this, from the titular piece:

I want to fuck you. May we fuck? We should fuck today. Tomorrow we could fuck. I could fuck you yesterday. I could fuck your beard. We could make cupcake fucking. I could fuck you like ham. I want to fuck you like burned pancakes with my panties in our mouths. Let’s fuck like we met on the internet. I just want to fuck and fuck.

I mean, seriously.

If you haven’t entered into her work yet, take this chance to experience it.  Perhaps like me you will become an admirer.



  1. Mel Bosworth


  2. Michael J Seidlinger

      Yup, xtx is literary, xxx fun.

  3. Matt_Margo

      “I paused Death Grips to listen to this” would be the perfect blurb for an audiobook.

  4. Richard Thomas
  5. reynard

      somewhere i have a very different version of that ebook that i edited on one of my computers when she submitted it for hahaclever and pulled it because i was taking FOREVER, ultimately i am glad she pulled out

  6. Alex Miller

      I read a story by xTx called “The Mill Pond.” If she keeps writing, eventually she will make television and the Internet obsolete, and in the future everybody will just sit outside reading xTx stories.

  7. Scott McClanahan

      xtx has been my girl for years.

  8. davidmmmorton

      I will now.

  9. reynard

      man was i crunk last night, it was billie the bull actually

  10. Richard Thomas

      loved that one especially.

  11. Guest

      i love you xtx, always have, been publishing her fiction at dogzplot way before any of you knew she was alive… so i say what im about to say with love and respect… reading writing about sex from a mysterious sexy lady is sexy, right… good writing, good time… but whats the end game, babygirl. i dont wanna read about a senior citizen playing with her pussy. neither does anyone else… just something to think about…

  12. Barry Graham

      i love xtx. been publishing her fiction on dogzplot before any of you knew she was alive. glad you all caught up five years later…

  13. Karen Marie

      thanks for posting this b/c i have been meaning to read her for years also, and have continued to forget this consistently. today is the day i turn it all around.