Have you read xTx?

Posted by @ 10:46 pm on October 10th, 2012

So, I’m late to her work.

I kept meaning to give it a try, to check it out, to purchase her book Normally Special from Roxane’s cool-looking micro press Tiny Hardcore, to pay attention to her blog, to order her chapbook He Is Talking To The Fat Lady, but I got behind and I dropped the ball.

And then Dennis Cooper mentioned reading (and loving) her forthcoming Nephew imprint Billie the Bull, which caught my eye.  So I decided to listen to the new Death Grips album while motoring around cyberspace checking out her work.

In the process I came across this e-book called Nobody Trusts A Black Magician. Holy heaven.  It’s mesmerizing, sinister, passionate, potent, over-the-top, excessive, relentless, indecent, reckless, and utterly amazing.  You can also listen to her read it, which adds a level of awesome.  I paused Death Grips to listen to this, from the titular piece:

I want to fuck you. May we fuck? We should fuck today. Tomorrow we could fuck. I could fuck you yesterday. I could fuck your beard. We could make cupcake fucking. I could fuck you like ham. I want to fuck you like burned pancakes with my panties in our mouths. Let’s fuck like we met on the internet. I just want to fuck and fuck.

I mean, seriously.

If you haven’t entered into her work yet, take this chance to experience it.  Perhaps like me you will become an admirer.