Hi, My Name is Kathy Acker: Part 1

Posted by @ 6:37 pm on March 27th, 2009


(Dodie Bellamy in Kathy Acker’s Clothing.) But I’m special. There’s something special about me as far as sex goes. There’s always been. You have to treat me that way or else get out.

What follows may not be safe for work! All excerpts are from Kathy Goes to Haiti:

Your past comes back and hooks you. Your insane search for affection because your mother didn’t want you, disliked you, and she wouldn’t tell you who your father was. You kept looking for someone to turn to. You kept looking for a home. Your need gathers. Passion collects. You’re in it now, baby…passions, just as they are…

You’ve got to get love. You’ve lost your sense of propriety. Your social so-called graces. You’re running around a cunt without a head. You could fuck anybody anytime any place you don’t give a damn who the person is except you really don’t want to get murdered any number of people except when the sex situations happen you have this idea lingering from the past maybe you shouldn’t fuck so much and so openly other people are looking down on you other people are thinking you’re shit.


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