August 1st, 2012 / 1:31 pm
Author Spotlight

my body ain’t your battleground: Lidia Yuknavitch’s DORA

To promote her new book DORA, Lidia Yuknavitch has this campaign going on her FB page.

You can buy the book here.




  1. emmab

      an explanation of this would be cool

  2. Dora says, “My body is not your battleground!” | Samuel Snoek-Brown

      […] my body ain’t your battleground: Lidia Yuknavitch’s DORA ( […]

  3. lily hoang

      Hi EmmaB –
      It’s an interview with LY about the book. 

      Yesterday, LY sent a bunch of people a message via FB asking them to play a game with/for Dora, and this is what transpired. 

  4. Monica Drake

      Can I draw you to my explanation? It’s over here:

      And it’s a quick review/overview of the book too…


  5. Monica Drake

      Or here, specifically:

  6. marshall mallicoat

      your body is a billboard

  7. Kelsie O'Night

      I can’t wait for her next game!

  8. Kelsie O'Night

      Lidia is awesome, I can’t wait to find out what the next game will be!

  9. deadgod

      Saying one’s body is not someone else’s battle-ground discloses that it is.

  10. Cherie Swanlund

      Lily, it was great meeting you, having dinner, and hearing you read from Changes at CSUSM tonight. Looking forward to reading your new book when it comes out, and I found what you had to say about writing, and how you write, inspiring. You see each person’s humanity. I mentioned Ruined at dinner, by Lynn Nottage, and one of the lines in the book has the same idea, a woman saying her body won’t be their battle ground any more. Cherie S.