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poem a day sam pink

poem a day dec 2 date - copia


Sam Pink’s looking for a rich ‘big beautiful woman’ to take him to AWP — (“i’m a mobstaaaaah”)




by Sam Pink

poem a day sam pink strip


there’s this dog that lives a few blocks away from me. i always see him lying down in a fenced-in patio area out back. one time i saw a guy walking his dog by the fenced-in patio area and the guy stopped and stood there distracted–talking on his cellphone–as his dog pissed on the head of the dog lying down, who didn’t move.


poem a day sam pink strip - copia

poem a day sam pink about this poem
i wrote this poem after rauan asked me if i had any poems. the main inspiration is a dog i saw getting pissed on, and also, rauan asking me for a poem.
poem a day sam pink strip - copia

note: I’ve started this feature up as a kind of homage and alternative (a companion series, if you will) to the incredible work Alex Dimitrov and the rest of the team at the The Academy of American Poets are doing. I mean it’s astonishing how they are able to get masterpieces of such stature out to the masses on an almost daily basis. But, some poems, though formidable in their own right, aren’t quite right for that pantheon. And, so I’m planning on bridging the gap. A kind of complementary series. Enjoy!

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  1. Jeremy Hopkins

      May I infer from the fact you haven’t stated these are not real that they are?

  2. Rauan Klassnik

      these are real

  3. Citric

      that dog straight got a RAW deal but his plight is transformed thru the empathy of poetry…. i think there are some who’ll identify with the being-pissed-on-aspect while others may identify with the being stuck on a shitty patio part but i think we can all identify with this dog’s abject apathy in the face of degradation… and this may be my naivete speaking but it’s my hope that contained w/in this apathy is a transcendent quality perhaps of egolessness allowing this pathetic dog a peace of mind unbeknownst to the proud territory-pissers of his genus.. this is my hope

  4. Rauan Klassnik

      yes, this is a poem for the masses

  5. Katy Mongeau

      the first 10 times i read sam pink, i hated him. he really pissed me off, which was weird because i still kept reading his stuff and because i thought our thoughts seemed the same. now i adore him. now i wish i was a rich bbw.

  6. Jeremy Hopkins

      You mean they are “actual” poems, or that they “exist”?

  7. Rauan Klassnik

      these are actual poems written by the poets as advertised

  8. megan boyle