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If you want to see a poem that excels based on its sound meaning, here’s one below the fold, from the just released IE Reader:


We Hunter the Excuser.
Sandra Doller

We hunter the excuser
we hunter the tree

some laundry was not being done
& its implications

its it’s

’tis ack

we winter here
& free

tied up in the trees

& your car was wooden
you did not know better
in the dream

a full jar of heroines
am I to be blamed for
aspen spring

Syntactically, I thought I was catching the drift up until “its it’s,” then the prosody swoops in and takes over. It’s like there was a brief entanglement between the cognitive meaning and the sound meaning for a second, but the sounds won big with “pracktackle” and cognition backed away, tail-tucked. It stuck around, though, right at the property line of sound, and inserts itself occasionally in the rest of the poem. When it comes to meaning, I’m glad sound won, but I’m also glad narrative stuck around.

So what I want to know is — was this a process-driven poem? Sandra Doller, EXPLAIN YOURSELF! (fingers snapping)

[Want more Dollers? How about this, from the still so holy wow Rabbit Light Movies Or, just pick up the IE Reader. You need more poetry, and this book is the who’s who of whoever you never heard of. It’s got like 50 people in it that all came through the inexplicably great IE Reading Series here in Baltimore, so it’s gotta be good — and it is. In fact, I’ll probably post a bunch more poems from it throughout the week as a sorta unofficial IE READER WEEK.]

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