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Jereme Dean’s Facebook page is filled with macho, sexist and self-professed “asshole” comments. But mixed in are posts concerned with the environment, the socially and politically embattled, and, above all, posts asking, poignantly (with pictures), for people to save, or help save, a dog’s life: ie, a dog, usually a pit bull, that’s about to be euthanized.

What follows, then, are some questions I sent Jereme and the answers he sent back. The core of the interview is the Pit Bull (“most every dog I’ve posted about is dead”) but it is also Jereme Dean, his views on people, culture, the media, etc.


Do you prefer dogs to people?

I wouldn’t necessarily say I prefer dogs over people but… have you ever witnessed a dog walking around in sweatpants and boots or making faux inspiration videos or quipping a passive-aggressive remark on some forum or writing a pre-school philosopy poem about beyonce? I haven’t. I appreciate their lack of language–their honesty.

Human beings are great while in the concrete world: fucking; fighting; dancing; crying. It’s their abstractions which creates a psychological division. Most people revel in the bullshit creations of the 21st century. I can’t relate.

I enjoy specific human interaction though, but not much. 4, maybe 5, people, total.

I do think dogs prefer my company, people not so much.

Adorable puppy needs adoption

one of Jereme’s FB shares — “Adorable Puppy Needs Adoption” — (Jereme’s Note)

So you like humans when they’re animals not humans (“fucking; fighting; dancing; crying”) and, feeling estranged from human culture, identify with more basic creatures, basic creatures who were bred to our needs, convenience, and whims, and are at the mercy of human kindnesses and callousness. But why the Pit Bull (the answer may be obvious, but humor me)?

Human beings are the only beast which suffer from extreme arrogance. In other words, they’re the only animal who believes their worth is higher than every other fucking living thing on earth, past, present and future–a trait of the ego.

People have been bred much like dogs. The difference being that dogs know their role in a dominant/submissive relationship while (most) humans are completely unaware of their servitude to hegemony.

To be lucid, I like people on either side of the spectrum: the pure of heart and the strong minded. The rest I can only suffer in miniscule increments.

Pit Bulls are fucked on so many levels. The corporatized media villainizes their image for ratings, cops shoot them dead just because, most shelters euthanize the breed within 24 hours, some states have laws against ownership and will confiscate the dog then murder it regardless of temperament, egotistical men with mommy issues feel better about their vast insecurity while parading around with one, and, of course, dog fighting, which has many forms, like “trunking”–the process of locking two dogs in the trunk of a car and driving around with music blasting to obfuscate the noise of the altercation, the loser is thrown to the side of the road while the winner gets to live to fight another day.

Racism against the breed is out of control, too. My dog, Little Dave, is a pit bull/boxer/labrador mix–as far as I know–and he has never acted aggressively towards a human being… ever. The manner in which strangers unfairly treat him is ridiculous. I’ve had several verbal altercations because of it.

People need to stop being informed by television and the internet, and, like, actually fucking experience life. Then they would see how lovable pit bulls really are.

I mean, if people knew anything about their history, then they would know that breeders took great pride in creating an athletic canine which was completely trustworthy and loving towards people.

For the record, I love all animals and share my home with a dog, cat and tarantula.

pitbull mr. worldwide

“background noise” — “shitty cocaine”

What do you think of Pitbull the singer? Good dog?

I wouldn’t consider what he does singing. I guess his ‘music’ is just as good for background noise as any other.

The guy doesn’t seem to share any traits with the canines of the same moniker. I’m guessing one day he was snorting shitty cocaine off a mirror, then a cartoon thought bubble containing a faun pit bull wearing locs and a lightening-bolt earring appeared above his head… and a legend was born.

I think the same people who feign ironic enjoyment of pop acts like Justin Bieber, LMFAO or Lady Gaga don’t care much for Pit Bull because he’s the wrong skin color. I don’t have any hard proof though. Just a hunch.

Guapo A1399034

SAN PEDRO: on death row, needing adoption (Jereme’s FB share)

Your posts pleading for people to save or help save the lives of dogs (usually pitbulls) who are about to euthanized are often very touching, and traumatic, jarring. Is part of your persistence the fact that most people don’t really care, can’t be bothered (to lift a finger or press the “share” button), and so you are being cruel and revenging yourself on those people (the price of being your Facebook friend)?

When I created a profile on facebook I enacted a usage policy which consisted of the following criteria: no outgoing friend requests, acceptance of all incoming friend requests (unless it’s an obvious fake profile); and no disfriending. I’ve only made two exceptions, I think.

The onus isn’t on me. I don’t really care if someone feels offended by what I say or do. Revenge isn’t an idea I understand.

21st century life in america is chiefly based on selfish desires and addiction to convenience. Anything deemed inconvenient is thrown away and forgotten. The problem is that people buy a dog without any critical thought about what ownership means, and a year or two later abandon the animal without remorse.

The pet’s last days are spent broken hearted in a small concrete and steel cage, alone, waiting for rescue that almost never happens, eating shitty food, without affection or interaction, wondering what they did wrong.

Their life ends by being shoved in a box crowded with other dogs of all sizes–many of which are scared and begin to attack each other–until the death gas being pumped in fills their tiny lungs, a process that can take up to 45 minutes.

A dog isn’t a toy. People need to realize this truth.

I’m always thoroughly amazed at how few actually share my posts about dogs in shelters needing adoption. Even people who are self-professed dog lovers look the other way.

Sadly, most every dog I’ve posted about is dead. There wasn’t anything wrong with them, they weren’t vicious killers or rapists or incapable of being a worthwhile companion or anything, just abandoned by assholes who ,instead of providing love and care, moved on to something more convenient, like slightly more affordable housing.

I remember all of their beautiful faces, vividly. Some days I feel like crying.


Michael Vick — Dog Fighting

What writers or celebrities or neighbors, whatever, if any do you have violent fantasies in which they are tied to a chair in your basement and tortured (or are pursued through a dark woods by a pack of rabid pitbulls or chihuahas, poms, shih tzus, etc)?? (Michael Vick, etc, etc)

I have a reoccurring fantasy which involves me winning the lawsuit I have against this cunt insurance corporation i’m suing, using the money to buy a ranch property in the desert, rescuing every pit bull in the high kill shelters of LA and Lancaster for the next 5 years and training them on a specific task. Then we descend on the streets of Los Angeles like a tumbleweed of snarling teeth and kill every police officer in the city, or, at least do our best to maim or kill as many as possible, eventually dying together–a good death.


(yes, people look the other way, me included. I also change the channel when those commercials filled with abused cats, dogs–and sometime a horse or two–come on. I used to be able to watch Animal Cops and shows like that, but i just can’t take it anymore) ..So, do you have any success stories where a dog’s life was saved because you posted or shared a notice?

Directly, no. There was one, Misty, who was used as a bait dog and left for dead, badly injured with several abrasions and a large incision over her forehead, just above the eye.

I shared the picture asking for help. People responded because of the graphic image. Some said they lost hope in humanity, another mentioned the dog should be put down. I argued all that was needed was a vet, love and time to recoup. Months later Misty was completely healthy and made an appearance on The Today Show.


On the other side of the coin what’s the saddest, worst case of abuse and/or negligence that you know of?

Man, I don’t know how I could make a value judgment about such a thing. The “bad” cases are all manifestations of human cruelty.

A common act is to tie a dog up some place remote and let it starve to death. Others toss the dog out of the car while on the freeway or highway. I’ve seen several with their throats cut open.

Snoopy was a very small dog found tied to a building in Brooklyn with a shoestring noose, duct tape wrapped tightly over his snout, and riddled with cuts, stabs and abrasions. The secondary hurt was the stream of people who walked by and did nothing for several days. Someone affiliated with a dog rescue was alerted and rushed to save his life.

But the worst, for me, was Chip. He was a very large, playful pit bull found wandering the streets of West Hollywood. After animal control took him to the shelter, he spent the next year of his life in a cage only to be killed because room needed to be made for another.

So much time alone, without exercise or affection, dreaming about a warm hand and running against the wind.

I think about Chip often.

dead bee

“the sicker the world”

I see also that recently you’ve been posting about Bee Holocausts. Can you tell us a bit more about this ? (what’s happening and what this suggests to you about the human species)

Bees are dying, man. Everywhere. It doesn’t take a genuis to realize bees aren’t around like they have been in past decades. I’m 36, when I was a kid bees were so abundant it seemed as if they were spontaneously multiplying in mid-air. Now, on the rare occasion I see one, it’s dying or dead.

The further man departs from nature, the sicker the world gets. There are atrocities happening globally right now from the hand of multinational corporations.

Bee deaths aren’t a result of overpopulation/loss of living space, just the greed of the small grouping of truly powerful who want to amass more wealth. It’s that simple.

The chemical corporations who rule the world are to blame. Two of the largest offenders are Monsanto and Sygenta, specifically their pesticides and genetically modified foods (which contain the pesticides).

America is one of the few countries providing a safe haven for these shit hearts. 

jereme dean with deer

With Deer — “A larger gamut of emotion”

Have dogs made it into your writing at all? And if so, in what ways (good, treated well, treated badly, sad ways, bleak ways, ways erupting with anger, ordinary ways, etc?)

My existence has always been plagued by mysterious illness. Over the past 2 years health and mental faculties have gone downhill drastically and concentration for long periods of time is almost impossible, which means I can’t write at the level I need to.

Mostly I just take notes for later consideration. I’m not creative enough to make shit up, so, everything I’ve written, or will write, is based on my life.

I am working on an ongoing screenplay with the poet my dog is named after. Pit bulls are mentioned often. Specifically a blind one named Junior. There’s no plot or theme or ending. Just scenes. Doubtful anyone will ever see it.

I think being a poet, at least according to my definition, isn’t limited to writing though. It’s a type of conditioned spirit plagued/gifted by a larger gamut of emotion than an average person and what a poet does outside of the page is just as important as on it, maybe more.

My actions toward pit bulls is part of my poetic nature.

pitbulls and parolees

Pitbulls & Parolees

Are you familiar with the T.V. show “Pitbulls & Parolees?” and if so, what’s yr opinon?

Terence McKenna thought the effect of television was similar to a drug, allowing a person to go into a passive state of fantasy for protracted time spans. I concur. I’d rather waste my brain function on something more pleasurable, like talking to my dick.

I do know of the show because Villa Lobos Rescue being behind it. That ‘rescue’ has been kicked out of several cities, and, from what i’ve heard from sources in Aqua Dulce, they kennel dogs without adopting them out and constantly troll for monetary donations. In other words, they’re profiting off the exploitation of dogs and people who love dogs.

Fuck them, in the mouth, with a flame thrower.


Bio: when I asked Jereme if he’d like to include a Bio he said he sucked at Bios but that maybe I should link to this


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