May 9th, 2011 / 9:24 am
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Semester Over: Go Right Ahead

Jane, Jane, tall as a crane!

Did I hear the word whiskey?

A great many people now reading and writing would be better employed keeping rabbits

We will have beer for lunch

The final crumbling of the rusty triangle

Dead, the leaves that like asses’s ears hung on the trees

Huge glasses of sloe gin

Yellow, meaningless, and shrill

I am an unpopular electric eel in a pool of catfish

There is a major problem

No liking but all lust

Old people do have falls

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  1. Anonymous

      what is that picture i really like it.

  2. Sean

      It is a photo of me making out with Blake Butler.

  3. Sean

      lorian, I kid, I kid.

      It is a photo by Bert Hardy. It was shot for Picture Post, and censored. Never published. This was in 1952. This was an “art” party, outside of one, obviously, the wee hours when people “hook up.”

  4. Sean
  5. Anonymous

      blake has nice legs.

  6. Anonymous

      thanks for the reference, this picture is now my desktop

  7. Anonymous

  8. Anonymous

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