January 2nd, 2012 / 4:40 pm
Behind the Scenes

ALT LIT GOSSIP Ohio Watching Party

Here’s a bunch of people in Ohio at Noah Cicero’s house watching the ALT LIT GOSSIP awards talking shit, doing drugs, and other things people here can bitch about being a ‘waste of [your internet time].’ Enjoi.


  1. Jordan
  2. Jordan

      i don’t know andrew or matt’s financial situation but, in terms of society’s monetary standards, noah and brittany aren’t ‘rich,’ and, despite my dad being ‘rich,’ i’m not ‘rich’

  3. Jordan

      ‘come to think of it,’ i’m in debt

      if someone wants to pay me to do something, email jordancastroisthepresident[at]gmail[dot]com

  4. Jordan


  5. Cassandra Troyan


  6. Jordan


  7. Cassandra Troyan


  8. Jordan

      #TTU (too turnt up)

  9. Cassandra Troyan