June 29th, 2009 / 3:28 am
Behind the Scenes

baby htmlgiant

found all these “so cute” baby photos, figured i’d post them. figured “why not.”

baby blake butler

baby blake screaming lyrics to happy birthday

baby jimmy chen

little jimmy chen chen listening to berenstein bears book on tape

baby catherine lacey

catherine lacey's high school graduation, age 5

baby ryan call

baby ryan call invents 'suicide soda'

baby sam pink

sam pink shitting lego men in 69 position

baby colin bassett

baby colin bassett hides in dresser drawers for hours

baby kevin sampsell

lil' k. sampsell just chillin

baby chelsea martin

chelsea martin after eating like forty lisa frank stickers

baby tao lin

babysitter fears tao's googoo's and gaga's sound particularly existential

baby brian oliu

baby brian oliu on christmas day. doesn't give a bullcrap

baby mike topp

baby mike topp before his ear reassignment surgery

baby matthew simmons

matthew simmons' troubling puberty photo

baby brandon gorrell

brandon's first word: detached

baby elizabeth ellen

jon benet ramsey's biggest fan. elizabeth ellen hella tuff

baby mike young

'sort of cute?' insists mike young's mom.

baby ken baumann

little kenny b's first photoshoot

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