eric yahnker googled something then googled something else then wrote a book with his foot

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Eric Yahnker is an artist who was recently interviewed on Fecal Face and is very cool and funny and incidentally has a literary fixation. His philosophy on art: Jasper Johns (circa 1965): “Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it.” Current: “Google something. Google something else. Photoshop it.”
He has a degree in journalism. Continue reading “eric yahnker googled something then googled something else then wrote a book with his foot”

Harmony Korine is very adorable while on drugs


I read A Crackup at the Race Riots a couple months ago, after Kevin Sampsell recommended it to me, and I thought it was pretty okay. Harmony calls it a novel but it’s more like typed-up excerpts from a journal, half-funny jokes about celebrities, a few pages like the ‘hepburn’ one that letterman mentioned, and some drawn-on photos.

I mean, I like it. It’s great. I bought it for thirty dollars, I think.
That’s a lot for a paperback. Plus shipping.
I keep it on the part of my bookshelf with all the books I really like. But I don’t open it as often as I open other books.

Here is something Harmony said in an interview:

A bouncer at a strip-club was standing next to a stripper with a balloon. I popped the balloon and he flipped out. So I started provoking the guy. He smashed me in the face, so I picked up a trashcan and went to throw it at his head, but it was chained to a light-post.

Brandon Gorrell is holding an embarrassing contest at his blog.


from brandon’s blog

here are the contest guidelines:
work must be fiction, 300 – 5000 words
entry deadline is friday may 15, 2009
submit in the body of an email to brandongorrell[at] with ‘contest’ in the subject heading
paypal your entry fee/ agree to mail cash or check to mailing address provided at the same time as submitting your story. stories without entry fees will not be considered

I think it’s sort of tacky that Brandon is doing this. I know he just lost his job at the BBQ Café and probably needs money. I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like a worthwhile investment for anybody. Aren’t there are other more concrete things to do with your money? And if you win you get a copy of Brandon’s book? It reminds me of the bratty girls in elementary school who would tell me I could come over to their house after school if I did their homework for them. Like, cool, great, thank you. Do you also want seven dollars?