April 7th, 2011 / 5:19 pm
Behind the Scenes

Book Klub [w/ Sam Pink, Noah Cicero, & Jordan Castro]

3 dudes and some ladies talking to each other about wild ass books, you know?

Best Behavior by Noah Cicero & Person by Sam Pink


  1. Cassandra Troyan


  2. Frank Greasestain

      I feel like wearing a baseball cap and being perpetually high now.

  3. steve roggenbuck

      this is rly sweet good job everyone
      nice to hear noah talk, i hadnt heard him in a long time
      and sams moustache is amazing
      and jordan your brand seems really open and friendly in this, maybe u were high like frank greasestain wrote but i thought it was lovable and the hat is def working for u

  4. Jordan

      @cassandra, rep your set
      @frank, lol/bro
      @steve, thank you bro

  5. Jordan

      @cassandra, rep your set
      @frank, lol/bro
      @steve, thank you bro

  6. tao


  7. Anonymous

      did sam say he got chicken pox from a computer?

  8. stephen

      nice job everyone

  9. Jackson Nieuwland

      Screw Lil B, Sam Pink can fuck my bitch anytime

  10. Matthew Simmons

      Sam Pink returns to HTML Giant. Now I can die.

      Not happy. Just die. (Me.)

  11. Chase

      Michael Silverblatt live from a grad student clam bake

  12. Jordan

      according to lil b’s wikipedia page, he recently signed a “15-year-long agreement” to “share the bitches of the world with sam pink” in what some critics are calling a “cowardly attempt to ‘not lose all the bitches of the world to sam,’ which a team of Cleveland State University-based scientists projected would happen had lil b not signed [aforementioned agreement]”

  13. Jordan

      thanks stephen

  14. darby

      that splice of phm was genius

  15. Malwhit

      <3 this vid
      jesus re dubstep

  16. Ani Smith

      i want whatever drugs jordan is on plz

  17. kb


      I like overbites…

  18. Scott mcclanahan

      Is Sam the new Oprah of the 21st century?

  19. Jackson Nieuwland

      What I don’t understand is why Sam signed it

  20. Blake West

      so good

  21. megan boyle

      i laughed and felt like hugging everyone, good job everybody, hope there are more book klubs in the future

  22. Cody Troyan

      I was working on a psychology paper about drug addiction being biological or environmental while watching Book Klub and Book Klub made me realize that I don’t care.

      Jordan, you gotta go to prom bro.

  23. Janey' Smith

      Need a cigarette.

  24. Negatory Cory


  25. Giles Ruffer

      13:51 – weird noises.

  26. Tony O'Neill

      any day with some noah cicero on htmlgiant is a good day

  27. Gene Morgan

      Book Klub seems pretty tite.

  28. nick

      national internet, hehe

  29. nick

      sam pink is the shit

  30. nick

      awkward silence: 12:48

  31. nick

      good job, all

  32. Malwhit

      megan i want to make a book klub with you

  33. veganleather

      Love the creditz.

  34. reynard

      sam looks like zappa in the stache i’m into it

  35. megan boyle

      i want to too, let’s do it, we can do it in pittsburgh maybe

  36. Jody Fossler

      The guy on the left makes me glad I wasn’t there.

  37. Jody Fossler

      The guy on the left makes me glad I wasn’t there.

  38. Chub

      This is a frat party and I would leave if I were there.

  39. Jordan

      that sounds good

  40. Jordan

      that sounds good

  41. Jordan

      that sounds good

  42. DJ Berndt

      Sam Pink steals the show. It seems like everyone had fun and it was fun to watch. Nice.

  43. lazy fascist

      “Sam Pink is the Oprah of the 21st century.” – Scott McClanahan, author of Stories V!

      This should go on a book.

  44. Scott mcclanahan

      I give you my permission Lazy Fascist Press.

  45. Scott mcclanahan

      I give you my permission Lazy Fascist Press.

  46. C.D. Smith

      noah’s got a sadness here. seems to be surrounded by young morons.

  47. Susie Anderson

      everyone is cool here yay

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  49. LovingTouch

      I don’t know why it’s so cool to act so clueless these days?

      It’s like “ADD autistic idiot savant” is a new style to be aped

      Not trying to hate even, just bummed.