March 7th, 2011 / 6:13 pm
Behind the Scenes


  1. Matthew Simmons

      One day, two Chen LOLs.

      Good day.

  2. Frank Hinton

      this is so funny. he would have probably read a favorite quote too.

  3. Sean

      porter dank

  4. tao


  5. Jordan

      i am laughing, sweet

  6. reynard

      my mouth is open and air is flowing from my diaphragm which is contracting in like little bursts

  7. effervescence


  8. Anonymous


  9. shaun gannon

      literary laffs

  10. Catherine Lacey

      Marry me, Jimmy Chen!

  11. Kyle Minor

      Jimmy, I’d move on this offer before she changes her mind.

  12. zusya
  13. Jimmy Chen

      tempting, but i think it’s emotional hyperbole

  14. Adam Robinson

      I forgot about Chatroulette. Now I went to it again and my soul hurts.

  15. Matthew Simmons

      Are you also prone and extending your spine in such a way that you are changing position?

  16. reynard

      no but my cheeks are taut and the room seems very small, time seems to go like a little slower, idk