December 18th, 2013 / 10:19 am
Behind the Scenes

Human: Copy Editor, Penguin Books, 2011




  1. Quincy Rhoads

      Copy editors need love, too.

  2. Timmy Reed

      That is really funny.

      McDonald’s actually has a surprisingly flexible policy regarding the customization of orders. You can basically get them to make you whatever breakfast sandwich you like. When I was a kid I used to ask for a sausage and cheese biscuit with bacon. Then I would put a hash brown on it in the car. Now I eat cereal mostly, and fruit, or just leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. Check out some of these secret menu creations though: The idea of blending an apple pie into a McFlurry is tempting…

  3. reynard seifert

      one of the great mysteries of life

  4. Matthew Simmons

      ketchup onions pickles lettuce substitutions don’t upset us

  5. Quincy Rhoads

      I’m always skeptical of ordering off the secret menu. Just because you can doesn’t mean anyone there will know how to actually make it, or at least that’s how I see it..

  6. Timmy Reed

      Word. I am pretty skeptical about the entire menu at this point.

  7. bartleby_taco

      yesterday i went to five guys alone. it was completely empty, i think because of the snow. i approached the teller and asked for a cheeseburger. she asked me what toppings i wanted. i paused for a second, and said, “just…everything.” i took my ticket, received my burger. there was a woman who was talking to herself, the only other customer. i ate my burger in under five minutes, only pausing to ask the teller if they had honey mustard (they didn’t). i felt kind of sick. afterwards, i perused the store next door, which sold christmas decorations.

  8. Mark Cugini

      feel like you’re being very dishonest here, tbh.

  9. Timmy Reed

      But I haven’t eaten fast food in over a year! No car and I am miles from the nearest fast food restaurant. They don’t sell that garbage up here in the north end of town. I eat fancy stuff now!

  10. Timmy Reed

      I bought homemade blueberry preserves the other day and it was like a “big moment” in the day; I was so happy; my life is so boring now…

  11. Mark Cugini


  12. Timmy Reed

      Its true! I even did a reading at a McDonald’s-themed event and managed to somehow avoid the big macs (not on purpose; I think I was just more focused on the McDonald’s-themed shots…) But next time you are in town, we will hook up some happy meals and get greasy like a couple pencil-thin mustaches.

  13. Mark Cugini

      Naw, b. Let’s get some quinoa.

  14. A D Jameson

      I had quinoa for dinner.

  15. Mark Cugini

      yeah you did.

  16. A D Jameson

      Yeah, I did.

  17. Laura van den Berg

      The best.

  18. Timmy Reed

      It is like rice, right? I’m down

  19. deadgod
  20. rawbbie

      I wanna get full-time paid to quibble