February 23rd, 2010 / 12:04 pm
Behind the Scenes

It is Tuesday and We Love Ourselves and, Hey, Why Shouldn’t We?

Stuart-Smalley-Magnet-C12359389.jpg image by Afrauds3I was just mucking around in the GIANT stats and noticed something wild- on 2/21 lightning hit our transmitter and HTMLGiant had a huge 18,501 unique visitors. That means that yesterday was in striking-distance of the site’s all-time high, which was December 4, 2009 when every single person in the world (or, rather, 20,249  people in the world) decided they wanted in on the DFW Grammar Challenge (part 2, part 3). So what was it that brought the teeming hordes back over our way? Was it Jeremy Schmall’s poems? Was it Amy again? Was it my post of Harold Bloom reciting a Stevens poem? Actually, it was Jimmy Chen’s “illustrated account of Tom Wolfe’s wardrobe on the Charlie Rose show.” The post went up on the 16th, but the 21st was the day that Andrew Sullivan linked it from his blog, describing it to his readers as “brilliant.” So kudos & salutes to Jimmy, and Andrew, if you’re reading this–thanks! I’m a regular reader of yours already, and it’s very gratifying to know you’ve got an eye on us. Cheers, all!

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