September 15th, 2020 / 10:59 am
Behind the Scenes

Where I Was and What I Was Doing When People Close to Me Have Died

In a kitchen, eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In front of a computer, playing minesweeper.

In a car, eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Standing outside of a Noodles and Company.

In bed, asleep.

Eating a bagel in a cubicle.


  1. TWS


  2. lorian long

      damn dude, buckets of grease grief is a special place

  3. adonak

      My girlfriend (now wife)’s dad died at home. We were there and a neighbor arrived right after to ask about him and we told him what had just happened. He arrived shortly with junky comfort food: fried chicken, pizza, chips. It was the best damn thing in the world right then.

  4. Matthew Simmons 🥉

      In a meeting at work.

      At home, getting my son ready for bed.