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Poem by my friends Bela and Katya

Standing Poem

I take my job really seriously.
My job is standing:

Your job is being. Your job is not being naked.

My job is not standing for something but rather simply standing.
Standing for nothing? I don’t stand for anything…I won’t stand for just anything. I’ll stand for $8.75 an hour.

I don’t stand for that much else otherwise, but I can stand $8.75 an hour. I can’t stand for any less, but I could stand for more.

Oh, this is stand up.

I am standing up for my right to get paid a minimum hourly wage for standing up.

I stand for at least the minimum — at most, I stand for 8 hours. I can stand on my own two feet, but only if I am paid to be standing. Otherwise, I will sit.

I don’t stand for freedom; I can stand for minimum wage.
I don’t stand for free dumbdumb. I stand for: a living.

A high standard of living?

I’m pretty short so not that high a standard, but some take me as their standard.

My standing is standard.

I will take $8.75 sitting down, but I will take it standing up also. When I can’t stand anymore they won’t pay me for standing any more. I will keep standing as long as I can stand to keep standing.

Get up, Stand up. That’s a standard workday. You can think on your feet, but you don’t have to. Understanding standing plays a big part in the job of standing: you must understand that your job is standing to stand for a job.

It’s taken a long time to get over sitting, but I’m finally beginning to understand.

by Bela Shayevich and Katya Tepper

*Bela also wanted to make sure I let you know about her upcoming book tour with Ainsley Morse. They translated Vsevolod Nekrasov’s collected poems together. Go.

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March 11th, 2014 / 10:00 am

Does anyone know if the Pulitzer Prize is awarded to the author or to the book?

For example, in 1952, did Marianne Moore win the Pulitzer Prize for Collected Poems or did Marianne Moore’s Collected Poems win the Pulitzer Prize?

Is either acceptable?

Does anyone have a good argument for using a money clip over a wallet?

Malt Whitman 2013

The Malt Whitman literature, beer, and camping festival is happening this weekend in Southeast Ohio.  More info — including schedule, directions, and contact info — here.

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September 30th, 2013 / 8:38 am

Dream I Had

Hillary Clinton was riding a horse around Congress in a misguided display of bravado.  The horse got spooked and started kicking desks over then bucked Hillary Clinton, who landed hard but was fine.  She started crying.  The horse terrorized Congress a little more before finding me (I was working as a page) and biting my forearm.  I panicked initially then realized it didn’t hurt, the horse wasn’t letting go, and the horse was suddenly docile for some reason.  It felt like it was trying to brush its teeth with my arm.  I led the horse out of the Capitol Building and onto the mall where it let go and jumped into the Potomac silhouetted by a setting sun.  I thought about tweeting at the New Yorker “I’m the page the horse bit” but decided against it in favor of showing up in person and offering to write one of those “Talk of the Town” columns about my experience.  So I went to the New Yorker office but had trouble finding the appropriate person to talk to.  I got into a fight with one guy that amounted to little more than flicking each other’s ears when the other’s back was turned.  Eventually I found the right person.  She was very nice and excited to speak to me and told me to get her something by the end of the week.  I flaked on the article for several months, quit my job as a page, and taught the cat and dog I owned in the dream to sleep on top of me, and each other, in a sort of pyramid shape.

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September 6th, 2013 / 11:42 am