April 17th, 2012 / 1:19 pm
Behind the Scenes

Wittgenstein’s Mistress Rejection List

via Biblioklept

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  1. Michael Filippone

      Seeing this reminds me how douchey some people can be. It’s no wonder publishing still drags around the ivory tower imagery.

      #18 – “Brilliant – 25 years ahead of it’s time – NO” Why would you not want to publish the next thing? You want yesterday’s thing? Yesterday’s thing was aversion to ebooks, look where that got you.

      #5 – “Too brilliant – NO” Go fuck yourself.

  2. Michael Filippone

      It’s not even my book and this hurts so much.

  3. Cal A. Mari

      Funny the Lish, bumping from 21 to 7 … important enough to cause renumeration. Be curious to know what crossed out part said. 

      Also “Keeper of the Ghosts”?! 

  4. Michael Filippone

      Yeah, that subtitle is interesting. I wonder who decided to scrap it?

  5. Melissa Broder

      for a sec i thought this was actually a list written by Wittgenstein’s mistress and got excited

  6. Ken Baumann

      Wanted this today. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous

      Am I the only person that thought this would be some sort of list by Wittgenstein rejecting possible mistresses? And was disappointed when it was not?

  8. Trey

      I lol’d. in a good way. A+ comment.

  9. alan

      Good eye. Yeah, something happened with that Knopf submission.

  10. Literary Man

      “In the beginning, I left messages in the street. . .”

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