Book Giveaway — Ravi Mangla’s “Understudies”

Posted by @ 7:05 pm on December 9th, 2013


Comment¬†in the thread here for a chance to win a copy of Ravi¬†Mangla’s Understudies:

“a deadpan, sharply-observed novel about the sadness pervading a contemporary world fixated on simulation and celebrity. Like so much of America, the small town where Understudies takes place exists under a mediated, televisual spell. Everyone’s chasing fame, desperate for that particular brand of social capital endemic to the internet age.” – Michael Jauchen (3 AM)

A winner Ravi chooses from the comments will receive:

1) Signed copy of Understudies
2) ARC of James Franco’s Palo Alto (which may or may not be signed by Ravi pretending to be James Franco)
3) and probably some other stuff

so, comment away (& I’ll notify the winner in a few days)