November 6th, 2009 / 2:38 am

Do you have a favorite bookstore? Really? Well then, you can win two Heather Christle broadsides

The very generous Walser & Co / Robert Walser Society of Western Massachusetts is giving away two limited edition Heather Christle broadsides of her poems “Vespers” and “Barnstormer” from Notnostrums and Nor By Press respectively.

What do you have to do? All you have to do is leave a comment on their blog with the name of your favorite bookstore! That’s it. Maggie the cat will randomly pick a winner. Easy, no heartburn, only the heart cola of Christle’s poetry.

Stay tuned for tomorrow afternoon, when we introduce the final poem of H.C. Week. Keep your brains full of that light stuff.



  1. Gian

      Heart cola? I fucking love that.

  2. Gian

      Heart cola? I fucking love that.

  3. Richard

      Done and done.

  4. Richard

      Done and done.