eShame Contest Winners

Posted by @ 4:04 pm on April 2nd, 2009
When did we stop caring?

When did we stop caring?

There’s this great scene in Basquiat in which Basquiat (portrayed with real beauty by Jeffrey Wright) and Andy Warhol (who is best portrayed by David Bowie) are painting some corporate logos on a studio wall. Warhol finishes a blue, winged horse. Then, inexplicably, Basquiat takes a paint roller and runs a swatch of white through the middle of the painting. They stand together and look. Perplexed, Warhol says, “I don’t even know what’s good anymore.”

The scene portrays real friendship.

Here are the results of the eShame game:

1. jereme, because he has never read one passage from the Bible. This is remarkable and seems difficult.

2. Ken Baumann, because he never read A Catcher in the Rye.

3. PH Madore, who has not read any Shakespeare.

Thank you to everyone for playing. I hope no one got hurt; things got kind of rough in there for a while, with elbows flying and whatnot.

jereme, Ken, and PHM win, courtesy of Ken: one issue of their choice of No Colony (that’ll be awesome for Ken) and from me, an advance copy of the new Publishing Genius book, A Jello Horse by our own Matthew Simmons. Winners, please email me your addresses: adam -at-

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