September 12th, 2011 / 4:05 pm

GIVEAWAY: Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day

Leave a comment to enter and I’ll randomly pick a winner soon. If you want: write a three sentence story. Err spooky.

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  1. deadgod

      I’m suspicious of my neighbors.  I hide his underwear.  She still wears a sleeping bag to bed.

  2. deadgod

      –by stabbing yourself, Juliet.

  3. Dawn.

      I’m on my lunch break so I don’t have time to come up with a witty 3-sentences so here is my witty-less comment because I reallyreallyreally want that book. :)

  4. Benjamin Kumming

      She spent a good ten minutes trying to think of something to impress all the anonymous strangers that might read her comment. But then she thought that the comments that looked like they had been written to impress all the anonymous strangers were the worst of all the comments. And that’s how she stopped caring and learned to love the bomb.

  5. Eboni Dunbar

      Wanna be a winner. Win.

  6. Blinde Schildpad

      After days of rain the clouds finally broke and endless angels came pouring out of the blue sky. They filled the world, yea, even the smallest corner, with their wings and swords and pungent ethereal bodies, pressing everything to death and oil and dust. The sky is completely clear now but the angels keep on coming, until finally the earth breaks, spilling oceans of rapidly cooling magma into the cherub-belching void.

  7. vjb77

      The city in the morning appears even more majestic.  The fireman made this trip down the Kennedy hundreds of time previously but this morning’s view struck him as particularly beautiful.  He was unaware that this would be the final sunrise he would experience as his Crown Victoria hurtled him toward a seemingly ordinary daybreak.

  8. mimi

      I’m good-neighborly toward my suspicions. I eroticize their underpinnings. I sleep hidden.

  9. Guestagain

      services should always throw exceptions and never return fail codes, aliens attempt a water landing as octopi practice question marks

  10. Lolo

      Here is my three-sentence story: I read this book and it is wonderful in the most interesting way. The book I read was from the library. I want my own so I can read it whenever I want.

  11. Carolyn DeCarlo

      She walked across the bay, the soles of her feet slapping the surface of the water. “Keep your tentacles off my feet!” she ordered. He did not.

  12. Lilzed

      An estranged aristocrat lived in a ruined castle ensconced by misty crags and moors. I embarked on this lair’s only route: a winding path choked with nettles, grass, hydrangeas, forsythia, and also it choked me too. Am I creeping you out yet.

  13. jtc

      He had just shit his pants. Or was it shat? He wasn’t sure.

  14. Susana Mai

      “Crap!” The bee said as he fell off the Daffodil. “These things are too slippery, and my knees are getting weak. Why should I get the pollen, while the missus eats and sleeps?”

  15. Werdfert

      i’m reading this book right now.

  16. PCS

      The family sat on the stools inside, their feet nestled among the water jugs and canned goods. If you think it’s still out there, why don’t you be the one to take a look. Would you look, if you were me.

  17. Melissa Chadburn

      If I win this contest my life will be better. Even. Better. 

  18. Ken Baumann
  19. shaun gannon

      life lessons learned

  20. dtomaloff

      I’m suspicious of my sleep. I hide in its underwear. My dog sleeps naked, alone.