Milch vs. Iannucci in a big Thursday Fuck-Off!

Posted by @ 4:14 pm on January 14th, 2010




Who wins?

Me, I might go with Armando Iannucci. His profanity is deep and as inventive as I think it is possible to be with profanity. Milch manages to pull an epic, enormous tone from his language, and I really love his programs*, but Iannucci’s word work is something else. The Thick of It is not surrealism in any way, but Malcolm Tucker bends the world around him in completely unnatural ways every time he opens his mouth. He’s straight, direct, and truthful in a world populated entirely by liars. He’s a Kafka character with the upper hand.


Can somebody please ask David Milch or Armando Iannucci to start writing for this guy:


* Recently I watched that huge, ambitious mess of a show John from Cincinnati. If you want to see a brightly burning near miss, check it out.

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