Play eShame and Win or Lose *UPDATED* **UPDATED**

Posted by @ 5:09 pm on March 25th, 2009
I will probably laugh at you.

I will probably laugh at you.

Do you know that game called “Shame,” in which participants name a book they haven’t read and if everybody else has read it the unreader gets a point? And whoever gets the most points is the winner but in real life the loser? How’s that go again? It’s really fun to play, right? Like, on car rides?

Anybody wanna play?

What you have to do is identify a book you haven’t read in the comments. We will play for a week, until noon on Wednesday, April 1. At that time, I and a crack team of librarians or something will determine the most egregious omission and award that neanderthal book prizes. So make sure you’re contactable, huh?

Be a philistine! I’ll start with something appropriate. I have never read anything by any Diane Williams. Oops. Do I win? Gosh, I hope not.

Ken Baumann is donating <i>No Colony</i> as awards for the top three winners. (This will be in addition to whatever other book things I had planned.) Thanks Ken. This is plenty wicked.

I should have made this clear at the beginning. Playing eShame Online 2009 does not require participants to respond to every other book posted by the other players, clarifying whether or not they read it. Of course, anyone CAN do that, but it won’t be taken into consideration when the voting occurs. Thanks okay wicked.

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