June 18th, 2012 / 4:39 pm

ToBS Final Four: Calling anything you write a manuscript vs Sewage Treatment Technologies

[matchup #62 in Tournament of Bookshit]

Calling anything you write a manuscript, known as the Billy Collins approach or the Ron Silliman method in contemporary poetry circles, is not only popular with poets (David Foster Wallace immediately springs to mind, too), but nobody does it better than a poet. No one else has the narcissistic tendencies, nor the free time. But these very same tendencies led to one of the most beloved pieces of literature of all time: The Bible. Can you think of another book with words and sentences arranged less arbitrarily? Can you think of another book that’s inspired as much killing in its name? Yet it was conceived during a flight of whimsy and written on the back of a cloud as a half joke.

Jason Bredle

– – –

WINNER: Sewage Treatment Technologies


  1. rawbbie

      I heard ST Tech has a good MFA too.

  2. mimi

      ST Tech May Win It All


  3. deadgod

      calling anything you write ‘writing’ vs. clean, mean writing machines

      winner:  potted chamber music

  4. shaun gannon

      change my pitch up

  5. jeanninepanda

      I love this dude.