May 24th, 2011 / 2:15 pm

Win Limited Edition Prints from There is No Year

Pardon the shameless self post, but it’ll be quick: Harper Perennial has agreed to give away framed, original limited edition prints of three images created by Justin Dodd that appear in There is No Year (examples of which are above). There are two ways one can win:

(1) The book includes information of the odd deaths of certain young celebrities. An example: “Rainer Werner Fassbinder died with a cigarette in his mouth and blood pouring from one nostril.” Comment here with some kind of information of this sort about a person that doesn’t appear in the book, also in one sentence.

(2) Take a picture of yourself close to a mirror holding the book and put it somewhere online, then post a link here.

Three winners will be selected (1 or 2 by choice from the death facts, 1 or 2 at random from the pictures) to received a framed edition of one print of any image in the book, your choice, or I will choose for you. Others chosen at random from the celeb facts may receive a copy of the book.

Winners be selected this Sunday.

Thanks for the indulgence.

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  1. Matthew Simmons

      Bison Dele went to sea and has never returned.

  2. Andrew

      Blake Butler stayed awake for a thousand years and then closed his eyes forever.

  3. Andrew

      Blake Butler stayed awake for a thousand years and then closed his eyes forever.

  4. Alan Barnes

      Anthony Burgess died 34 years after he was told he had a year to live.

  5. Alan Barnes

      Anthony Burgess died 34 years after he was told he had a year to live.

  6. Shane Jones

      Mark Rothko sliced his wrists at the kitchen sink shortly after his doctor told him to work on paintings no larger than one yard in height.

  7. davidpeak

      Terje “Valfar” Bakken froze to death in woods of Fagereggi after giving up the search for his family’s remote cabin.

  8. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      One day Rosie O’Donnell was walking around the financial district when all of a sudden 9/11 fell on her and crushed her to death.

  9. davidpeak

      whoops, typo:

      Terje “Valfar” Bakken froze to death in the woods of Fagereggi after giving up the search for his family’s remote cabin.

  10. AD Caroselli

      Frank O’Hara’s body was found in a festoon of paper sheets and candy necklaces.

  11. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Lela from Futurama was shopping for future fruit (fruiture) when all her organs spilled out her faulty cunt.
      (Let me know if more than one entry is not allowed)

  12. Blake Butler

       enter as many times as you like

  13. AD Caroselli

      Aubrey Beardsley’s expired corpse was found outside a Big & Tall outlet today; Mrs. Winchester of Suffolk described the scene in “oo’s” and “ew’s.” 

  14. Lee Tesche

      Frank DeCaro once was.

  15. kevocuinn

      Klaus Kinski died peaceably in his sleep.

  16. M. Kitchell

      Bas Jan Ader was lost at sea attempting a solo crossing of the Atlantic in a 13 ft pocket cruiser.

  17. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      The caveman from Geico died before he hit the ground, mid-flail, spinning away from the trebuchet like a hairy pinwheel.

  18. Andrew

      George “The Animal” Steele died of a broken heart, and SARS.

  19. letters journal

      Anarchist assassin Luigi Lucheni, killer of Empress Elizabeth, hanged himself after two decades in the prison by the sea, where the dock workers could time their shift changes with his screams thanks to the precision and regularity of the jailers’ beatings.

  20. letters journal

      Anarchist assassin Luigi Lucheni wrote in his diaries that if he could not kill the Emperor himself he would be happy to settle for any other member of the ruling class, so he stabbed Empress Elizabeth in the heart with a triangular file, then spent 20 years being beaten in prison before hanging himself with a belt on October 18, 1910.

  21. Anonymous

      Someone’s son died onstage at the OPRAH finale, the last thing audible to him being a few hundred women screaming, “Do it, Dennis! Do it!”

  22. c2k


      “The Animal” is alive and well and living in retiremment in Florida (where else?), truth be told. But I think this one deserves to win a print. Not that it’s up to me.

  23. Anonymous

      Benjamin Lee Whorf died–  or is dead or has been dead or continues in death or was dead or becomes dead or dies or was dies or has die or just plain dead or deads or deaded or die or die ord ie o r d i e d idea d  –having published a study of the grammar and odd temporal expression of the Hopi language.

  24. adam m.

      Mark Linkous pulled the trigger on his heart in the Underware Capital of the World.

  25. Cody Troyan

      Joseph Gordon-Levitt was found dangling from a ceiling
      fan by a Hugo Boss skinny tie as Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers” blared
      from a MacBook on the leather ottoman below. Later deemed as a societal
      dream-within-a-dream, Levitt lived to the age of 43, when he died just as
      tragically to the first ever case of adult onset harlequin ichthyosis. At his
      memorial service, mourners proceeded to kiss his cold diamond-shaped scales,
      comforting themselves with the idea that wherever he was, every day was summer.


  26. Trey

      Jane Davis died like she said and was carried out in a box.

  27. Guestagain

      It was amazing and shocking, but after being poisoned, shot three times, and having been beaten with a dumbbell, Rasputin was still alive.

  28. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Bert died of Ernie’s AIDS.

  29. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Bert died of Ernie’s AIDS.

  30. Guestagain

      ka pow

  31. Anonymous

  32. Troyweav

      Such a shame I died yesterday, not being famous and all, but Genet telegraphed me a sweet photo of his “sugarshack” in the ground, writing: I feel a little silly to say it but I can’t stop thinking of your skull; I can’t wait to meet you here, I’ll make you famous! 

  33. Troyweav

      Is it too soon to mention the Macho Man?

  34. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      The name Dennis is the cherry on top.

  35. adam m.


  36. Justin Chandler
  37. jtc


  38. Anonymous  

  39. sam salvador

       DJ Screw worked himself to death–the codeine worked wonders.

  40. Anonymous

  41. Anonymous 

  42. Andrew

      Lou Gehrig died of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

  43. Kyle Minor
  44. Andrew


  45. Anonymous

  46. Anonymous

  47. Theficstructor

      1. The ceiling fan still made the scraping sound, old Diet Coke
      was soaking the brown paper bag Steve used for recycling, and he was on the
      floor, butted against the kitchen table, his colon turgid and growing.


      2. Phil did not wear his favorite Roos with the zipper pocket,
      an Indian head penny in both the left and right, the day he told Jake he could
      jump off the shed, over the chain-link, and into Brusky’s yard.


      3. The bridge had a suicide watch camera positioned every sixty
      feet, but Song-min fell with his back to the river so he could stare down that
      camera, show it what was what.


      4. Another bed, another note, another half-drunk glass of now
      stilled water, but Samuel was sure to clip his nails, file them, and leave a
      small cairn, his hardened bits behind.


      5. Why the record was left to spin when we want a fact, a fact,
      a fact, and here it is: the cream cheese had been moldy before she learned to
      load a shotgun.


      6. Rest home: but the boy calls it “Old Fogey’s Home,” and
      Grandma is there in the bed while the parents are eating Jell-o cups in the
      lobby; she raises her arms up, revealing sweat rings in the armpits, and the
      boy waits for a wash of feeling, yet all he can cling to is the hope that Mom
      will bring him orange like he asked.


      7. A silver Q-tip was in her ear since birth, but through
      tremendous will she did not touch it until her golden birthday on a 31st
      because that was the day, and it was.


      8. The facts of death in the jungle are the same for all men:
      there will be trees and greenness and animal sounds and soft earth and
      momentary pain and the insects will become beautiful and if it is raining—Lord, if
      it is raining–thought Kansas Jim from a Kansas lawn chair in a Kansas yard,
      his kid squeezing the last of the mustard onto a Johsonville, banging it on the
      glass table, But it will break, it will break John Jr., so please just use two
      hands because you will break the damn table.

  48. Cassandra Troyan
  49. Anonymous

      Dylan Thomas said “I’ve had 18 whiskeys and I do believe that is the record” and then died.

  50. reynard

      an hour after buying a brand new 1955 oldsmobile in houston, johnny ace played a show at the city auditorium; between sets he got loaded and started pointing his .32 pistol at people, when someone said, be careful with that thing, johnny said, gun’s not loaded, see! put it to his head, smiled, and shot himself.

  51. reynard

      shortly after his cover of ‘I fought that law’ became a top 10 hit, bobby fuller was found dead in his car outside a hollywood apartment, with a gasoline-soaked rag in his mouth and bruises on his body; his death was said, by the LAPD, to be a suicide.

  52. reynard

      three months after recording a slew of the most important delta blues songs of all time, including ‘hang it on the wall’ and ‘oh death’, charley patton died of heart-disease and not one single newspaper published an obituary.

  53. Tom Randklev

      Albert Dekker, American charactor actor and politician, was found dead kneeling in his bathtub, a noose around his neck, scarf tied over his eyes, horse’s bit in his mouth, bound in a menagerie of leather belts, hand-cuffed, with the words “whip” on his right buttock, “make me suck” on his throat, and a drawing of a vagina on his stomach all in red lipstick.

  54. Anonymous  

  55. J.R. Morris

      Reader discovered that David Markson died June 4, 2010 in
      his Greenwich Village apartment in New York—Markson was 82 and not an anti-Semite.

  56. Anonymous

  57. Anonymous

  58. Anonymous  

  59. J.R. Morris

      David Markson died alone, not young, not even a

  60. J.R. Morris

      Writer is pretty much tempted to quit entering contests with strict guidelines.

      Writer is weary unto death of trying to win anything.

  61. Rich Baiocco

      Annabel Leigh did not come out well…and four months later she died of typhus in Corfu

  62. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      My dad died in combat for the celebrity status on Memorial Day.

      Jesus Christ, I am a horrible horrible person.

  63. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      There was no way for Sam to know someone broke into his house and murdered his mother in the kitchen for he was upstairs with headphones on playing Counter Strike.

  64. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      The prepositional phrase died from overexposure in Frank Tas’s most recent sentence entry.

  65. tao lin related comment

      Tao Lin was found dead in a toilet cubicle at Bobst Library shortly after tweeting: “discerned ‘~85% genuine’ urge to ‘off myself’ after overhearing ‘born this way’ by lady gaga from earphones of obese asian man in library”

  66. Heather

      Oprah’s best friend Gale died with O’s vag juice giveaway leaking from her mouth.

  67. adam m.


  68. John Latta

      Vachel “Mumbo-Jumbo will hoo-doo you” Lindsay committed suicide by drinking a bottle of 
      Lysol. December 5, 1931. Final words: “They tried to get me. I got them first!”

  69. Anonymous
  70. Anonymous

  71. deadgod

      Ernie didn’t raise the seat? – and Bert didn’t check?!

  72. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      No no no! It’s nothing like that.

      What happened was Bert had unprotected anal sex with Ernie.

  73. deadgod

      You image doctors – always with the boffo-box-office spin.

  74. deadgod

      An eagle dropped a turtle on Aeschylus’s head, killing the person.  Euripides was torn to pieces by hunting dogs hunting.

  75. deadgod

      You who are reading this, you are not dead yet.  Others who did are.

  76. Anonymous
  77. Anonymous

  78. Anonymous
  79. Anonymous

  80. ffourteen

      The man with the half-beard (what was his name?) was worried when he went out of the house–they were falling around him; bouncing against the ground and spraying him (what was it?)–he went inside for the poncho and boots (was it?–no); they fell faster as he walked: ‘I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine’ (my mouth wants to say it) blinking the spatter out of his eyes: ‘I’ll be fine’; walking against the wind (can you remember?) ‘I’ll be fine’ (remember?) spraying against him: ‘I’ll be fine’ (REMEMBER?) coughing and wiping his face with his palm: ‘I’ll be fine’ (why can’t you remember); the noise of it thick, the noise of it wet, poncho (name?) dripping walking falling spraying (I’ll be fine) leaning coughing squinting (illbefineillbefine) until: he joined them–he’ll be fine.

  81. Amy Henry

      James Frey passed away quietly after a game of extreme Truth or Dare, in which neither option was possible.  (Actually, he whined a great deal but it appeared silent as the audience was wearing ear plugs.)

  82. Bi-curious George

      “Winners be selected this Sunday.” Who won?

  83. Blake Butler

      The winners are Cassandra and Monee for the photo posts and Shane Jones and Andrew Weatherhead for the photos. Drop me yr addresses and presents will exist. Thanks to everyone for playing.