September 20th, 2012 / 12:26 pm

Win Lonely Christopher’s CRUSH DREAM

Hot new shit all over the place coming from Radioactive Moat : Most recently Lonely Christopher’s CRUSH DREAM : Of which CAConrad said “DON’T BE STUPID you know as well as I do these poems boil to the top of the gravy!!” : And of which RM has kindly offered to giveaway a copy along with copies of Ji Yoon Lee’s IMMA and Lucas de Lima’s GHOSTLINES , both also from RM.

All one has to do is : “Write Three Sentences About Your Worst Crush.” : Leave your sentences as a comment and a winner will be selected by Lonely Christopher : in ~48 hrs

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  1. InternecineGazebo16


  2. bartleby_taco

      I don’t need three sentences. She was in the screen, I was on the other side, and all she ever did was cavort with Zack or Slater.

  3. isScottHammer

      Teen Steam in summer; liquid spandex. You know me. Sweatpants.

  4. deadgod

      Sweet on Sally.
      Crept in the ally.

  5. Jacob Guajardo

      He said Paris had been the best time of his life. When he was happiest. I thought, How is that supposed to make me feel?

  6. Michael Filippone

      Kidnapping 2nd degree with a firearm: 20 years
      Aggravated sexual assault 1st degree: 15 to 30 years
      Manslaughter 1st degree with a firearm: 30 to 60 years

  7. CaseyHannan

      We were museum guards. I wore the
      rented pants, and he wore his own. I said he looked like a statue,
      and he said he was only attracted to thinly muscled men with pretty

  8. Vanessa Place

      A Spanish circus worker is fighting for his life in a Cork hospital after runaway elephant Baby crushed him.

      A pathologist concluded Barnes either kicked or stamped on the back of her head, or he may have crushed her skull by pressing it against a hard surface such as a floor.

      “I am relieved for them that the court process has come to an end.”

  9. Avis Elizabeth

      I passed a stranger and thought I heard him warn, “I love you.” What he really said was, “That’s bad luck.” If his name is Marshall, I can’t find our mutual friends.

  10. Guest

      My father-in-law insists putting a nasty sponge in the microwave for a few seconds will make it smell better.

  11. Mark Doten

      The weapon was secret and the unexpected, unfamiliar sound
      of the explosion caused a panic and mass hysteria. As the crowd surged forward
      towards the shelter, a woman tripped on the stairs, causing many others to
      fall. Within a few seconds 300 people were crushed into the tiny stairwell. 172
      people died at the scene, with one more dying in hospital later; 62 of the dead
      were children. The crush at Bethnal Green is the largest loss of civilian life
      in the UK in World War II and the largest loss of life in a single incident on
      the London Underground network.

  12. JosephYoung

      I had a dream last night my mother and I were selling pharmaceuticals. We kept them buried beneath the tree, colorful bowls of dirt diligently tamped. It seemed a good business until I saw the neighbor in her curtains.

  13. Matthew Simmons

      I drove by his house and she was in the window. And he was, I guess, under her in the window. All that glass between us.

  14. Chris 'Elmo' Emslie

      He frequented film screenings, I frequented
      free wine. We held gazes
      while PhD students wrestled
      with the projector. I never let him
      fuck me, afraid he’d see
      the production credits rolling
      over my shoulders.

  15. Amy Berkowitz

      He wore a dirty bomber jacket every day and he looked really evil. Later, I learned that he wasn’t evil at all, just angry and sad. He knew a lot about Italo disco, and that impressed me.

  16. Mike James

      We met at outdoor ED in 6th grade. A bear and her cubs were rumbling through the trashcans. In Jr. High she held my hand and kissed me to let me know we’d never be together.

  17. Ryan Ridge

      It must’ve been Gulf Shores, Alabama sometime during the second Bush’s second term when I stopped into the Winn-Dixie––across the road from the beach––and picked up a Sour Apple Crush. There’s not an obscenity obscene enough to describe that flavor and I’m almost certain the folks at Cadbury Schweppes discontinued the drink immediately. That was my worst Crush.

  18. Bo Fats

      The only thing longer than her hair were the emails; one strand brings it all crashing back. Muses are such treacherous things. Though we were never together,I still feel like I’ve lost her.

  19. J. Y. Hopkins

      We went to the same school. We were outwardly devout but skipped on the cusp of lechery. I skipped longer than she.

  20. Laura Eve Engel

      5th grade. He said he was a Republican; I said I was a Democrat. Then I thought, maybe this is one of those Romeo & Juliet things.

  21. garret travis

      How if I had to look at her for more than a few moments I thought I needed to smoke four cigarettes at once. When we went to restaurants we always went to Chinese ones so I could stand on one side of the aquarium and look at her through it and the fish were bright and distracting between us and the water sort of warped her head. I swear to god one time she was talking and a roach crawled from her mouth and like down her neck and I was just watching it and she said something about how it annoyed her that I had all these actual opinions about fast food.

  22. William

      He was in my friend’s band, and he winked at me a lot. I think straight boys like to tease me especially. I got him drunk once and convinced him to kiss me.

  23. Davey Houle

      The things he did to me. The things I allowed him
      to do. I want him to suffer like my mother suffered.

  24. Davey Houle

      The things he did to me. The things I allowed him to do. I want him to suffer like my mother suffered.

  25. Nandikesha Jungwirth

      “Soon a visitor shall delight you.” In bed. Give a crying man a mirror.

  26. Ryan Shea

      I think this is over. I don’t know. Salt me some french fries before I forget you.

  27. what

      I left Beijing for Baltimore where I proceed to drink too much. While waiting on Amtrak I committed a grievous faux pas. A week later her upstairs neighbor leapt from the twenty-eighth floor and she said maybe I shouldn’t call anymore.

  28. Blake Butler

      lonely christopher has selected the winner: Davey Houle. thanks to all for entry.

  29. Adam Raymond J


      It’s easy to
      expect some giant robot falling out of love in Ohio, some shadowy corporation
      or asteroid to hit your hometown breaking up with your first girlfriend.

      I knew to go
      and it didn’t matter where to—I drove all night to Buffalo.

      I knew a quiet
      knife who could pretend to be anything in Buffalo, and she stayed up all night
      for me.