March 7th, 2011 / 2:44 pm
Craft Notes

The Painter


  1. kelly huckaby

      i don’t see the similarity in the lily pad one, i’ve been staring at it for 10 minutes now.

  2. Jimmy Chen

      the relative ‘patchiness’/’cushioniness’ of that hair is evocative of a lily pad; initially, i toyed with monet’s haystacks, but felt that the lily pad was more intuitive.

  3. Ken Baumann


  4. kelly huckaby

      intuitive is good, i can see what you mean now. david lynch’s hair seems dynamic.

      the first painting immediately reminded me of that scene from ‘no country for old men’ where chigurgh strangles the policeman and the camera pans down to the boot marks on the floor.

  5. Jimmy Chen

      the first painting is by Cy Twombly, a contemporary of Robert Rauschenberg overshadowed by the latter’s ingratiating pop references.

  6. Andrew

      I imagine that genius looks an awful lot like this post.

  7. Dylan Hicks


  8. reynard

      you are an astronaut of american ennui

  9. alanrossi

      i imagine that genius looks an awful lot like david lynch’s hair.

  10. Anonymous

      more obsession over Very White men from mr chen

  11. stephen

      i thought of 8 different very angry comments in response to this comment.

      instead, i’ll just say, i don’t think your response (and its implications) to Jimmy Chen’s work is logical or fair within the context of funny internet memes or any context other than that of identity politics. i think your comment could be deemed “smug,” “self-righteous,” “unjustified,” and “a killjoy.”

  12. stephen

      angry because Jimmy Chen appears to be a sad beautiful man who makes people laugh and be happy and i don’t like that being sullied in such a mean-spirited and personal-attack-type manner

  13. NLY

      There are, down the street, even as I type, Very Black Men outside a video store obsessing over Very Asian Men turning flips and punching each other.

      You can come over later and tell ’em what’s what, if you want.

  14. dm

      That’s John Irving’s hair.

  15. Cassandra Troyan


  16. deadgod

      Is that Beckett paired with Starry Night?

  17. deadgod

      Is that Beckett paired with Starry Night?

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  19. Kenny Mooney

      I feel there could be a Part Two to this post, comparing Christopher Walken’s hair to famous paintings. Or comparing Walken’s hair to Lynch’s hair.

  20. Anonymous

      omg, lmao

  21. John Smith

      You guys are obviously off your bloody rockers! Stop taking the drugs!

  22. triff

      I imagine that genius looks an awful lot like genus, but with an extra ‘i’.

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  24. Melediana

      I recognized all the art (Twombly, Turner, Van Gogh, Lichtenstiein, Monet, Cezanne, and Hiroshige), but I had to look up who David Lynch was. Hm.

  25. Susan Marleau

      I see the sweeping of the hair being similar to the sweep of the lily pads

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  27. Andreas
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  30. blair houghton

      brush strokes/light on the lily pads, perhaps

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  32. Tony2

      total shite

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  36. Ladyjane

      it’s more of an emotional thing.

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  40. Darren Riber

      is that Gary Busy??

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  42. Paul

      Which Cezanne is that?

  43. AB

      i took a picture of lynch a while back if you want another to add…

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  45. lixenberg

      I would love to know who made the painting above Van Gogh and the one under Monet.

  46. alanrossi

      i meant to hit reply, not like. not that i don’t like that you want to know this. anyway, the one below monet is cezanne. for paul, i believe it’s called, The Big Trees. i don’t know the other, but if you look a few posts up Melediana names “Turner.”

  47. balintradoczy

      what’s the 6th and seventh one?

  48. balintradoczy

      the one above Van Gogh is Turner.

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  52. K Dolmer

      This is fabulous

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  54. Tanguero

      Perhaps you should find something more meaningful to do with your life.

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  57. Michael Jahn

      I think what has been done is wonderful. I enjoyed it. but then again, I am a application support manager who spends a great deal of time in adobe photoshop placing my friends picture with a dental mouth retractor onto other photos or works of art.

      Russell Viers Drive By Portrait Group

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  59. Ja Rule

      The Turner is “Hannibal and His Men Crossing the alps.

  60. Ja Rule

      but it’s reversed. reminds me of my art history class during which slides would often be put in backwards.

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  62. AlexandraBaye

      Jimmy, could you perhaps list the artists whose works you posted?

  63. alanrossi

      look a few posts up. find the person named melediana. that person accurately lists all the artists represented here.

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  70. michael

      you’ve outdone yourself.

  71. Paul Clark

      do this w/ dennis rodman plz

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  73. Tracey C

      I think it is absolutely brilliant!

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  75. Janepants

      Says the person doing nothing other than criticizing some fun. Very meaningful indeed.

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  77. lala

       F*ck*ng GREAT!

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  79. Vampirerocks123
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  87. twisted rib
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  89. Lloyd F. Kosh

      texture and green

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