October 2nd, 2012 / 9:28 am
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The Ultimate Source?

This company, as far as I can tell, originated the t-shirt design, in 2001. But was Paul Mazursky’s 1969 bedroom farce their original inspiration?

Here’s my own crude attempt (I lack Jimmy Chen’s skills) to bring the idea full circle:

& here’s my update of the original:


And if anyone wants to make me a t-shirt for Xmas, this is still the one I most want, but I’d also wear this:

Of course there’s a company now that will custom-make these for you. The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine first crawled them on 18 January 2009—not too long after HTMLGIANT sprang into existence. … Coincidence?

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  1. naomir

      this made me laugh. a lot.

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