February 21st, 2012 / 4:36 pm

Sometimes I feel left out.


  1. Scott McClanahan

      Damn, Mary Todd Lincoln and Eddie Money.   I have to go now.

  2. xtx

      have to go to this.

  3. lorian long

      is this the p4k festival lineup

  4. Melissa Broder
  5. John Minichillo

      Eddie Money used to go around Nashville with a monkey. When one of his songwriters asked why they were always smoking so much pot and didn’t they get sick of being high all the time, he replied, “Hey, it works for us.”

  6. Amber Sparks

      I fucking love Butterfinger McFlurries. RIP Mimsy.

  7. Bobby Dixon

      I’ll go for deadgod. 

      I’m not actually going. 

  8. Michael J. Martin

      Looks like even if I don’t go to this I’m going to this.

  9. leapsloth14

      OK, guys you each get 2 minutes. I’m not fucking around. TWO MINUTES. You guys go over, I’m pulling your ass off the stage (not you, Blake, but the others). I’ll blow a goddamn whistle and you’re off the stage. OK? OK.

  10. Melissa Broder

      Fantasy football. 

      Janet Frame + Grace Paley + Jim Jones

  11. postitbreakup


  12. deadgod

      Dear agent,

      You’re fired.

  13. deadgod

      For those interested in memoir-of-witness, The Book of Embraces is a great book.  It was written by Eduardo ‘One “L”, Yanqui Fascist’ Galeano.

  14. William VanDenBerg

      Whatever, last years line-up was better. They didn’t even get the screaming ghost of Angela Carter this year.

  15. Daniel Bailey

      since i can’t make it, i’d like jared from subway to read my poem for me.

  16. Ryan Call

      wow did anyone see thta kentucky game!?

  17. Nate


  18. deadgod

      I saw the end of the first half and the last couple of minutes, but I missed the long comeback.  Davis is fine and Coach One-and-Done has them ready for the tournament, but Robinson at Kansas looks NBA-ready now.  (Kansas plays T A&M tonight.)  Coach Vinegar has Fucking Duke looking very tough.  The Bobby Knight Coaching Tree.  Why can’t Jerry Tarkanian have a ‘tree’, or Steve Spurmier?

  19. shaun gannon

      who wants to break into wrigley and actually do this

  20. shaun gannon

      the mcflurry says it’s onboard

  21. Anonymous

      My attendance will be a lock if you add TITTY to the roster.

      Otherwise, I got weed.

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