God’s Hazard, Power Excerpt (?)

Posted by @ 2:49 pm on August 12th, 2009

NM_1985_Hut_BanksNicholas Mosely served in Italy during World War II. His first book was published in 1951.

His first book is old enough to be your grandfather.

I’ve been meaning to check out Mosley for some time. He’s intimidating, though—has been writing for quite some time, has stacked up a pretty large bibliography.

God’s Hazard is a 2009 novel published by Dalkey Archive. I am tired today because I started the book before bed last night, and stayed up an hour later than usual to continue reading it.

I will try to talk about it in depth in a couple of days when I finish it. Until then, here’s a section. Screw context.

‘Are Sophie and I still coming into what you’re writing now?’

‘You could be seen as characters in the story.’

‘I thought it was an allegory about God and Adam and Eve.’

‘But an allegory should be a way of trying to see what’s going on behind words and scenes.’

‘Does that need an allegory?’

‘Yes, because we cover up what’s going on. Or distance it as if it’s on stage. And so then we don’t feel responsible. And we call the cover-up reality.’

‘And what do we call the allegory?’

‘We might see it as a recognition of both the cover-up and the off-stage reality.’

‘What is the off-stage reality?’

‘I don’t know. There was this chap on the Net having his balls torn off. And seeming to want it or need it. But the interesting question, surely, was – could he in fact have his apocalyptic orgams if his balls were off?’

‘You’re sitting on my legs.’